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Firstly: Safety

Tadeusz Wojciechowski, President of BPJ

-Our company’s mission is to obtain the best solutions referring to food safety. Training and publishing activities as well as promotion among the best on Polish market serve this aim.

The company co-operates with specialized and respected partners in this branch. Our operation is estimated for long-term, complex and solid cooperation with client. We realise that in food sector – though strict rules of product control are in force – there are no universal solutions serving as a kind of „panaceum”. Procedures for obtaining maximum safety of offered product need to be elaborated for each company separately, in cooperation with client. This has effects in our highly individualized approach towards clients.

Important section of Biuro Promocji Jakości (BPJ, eng. Quality Promotion Office) is providing training activities of wide subject matter for persons directly connected with food producers branch. Our office offers many branch services, e.g.: introduction of quality systems, including HACCP, technological plans advisory and assistance in preparing procedures and instructions for working places. We employ experts in quality and hygiene, having great experience, acquired in Poland and Europe. In our offer series of a-few-hour lectures can be found as well as rules of a-few-day-long trainings organization, including whole thematic blocks.

BPJ organizes also thematic conferences. Our intention is to make them a forum of arrangements for all parties interested in food safety.

Specialist press is published by BPJ. „Bezpieczeństwo i Higiena Żywności” („Food Safety and Hygiene”) monthly is a magazine of solid position, studied by food sector representatives, official food control inspectors and scientific circle. The magazine stands on a leading position among others in this branch and constitutes platform of agreement between parties responsible for food safety. BPJ issues also „Higiena i Pest Control” („Hygiene and Pest Control”) bimonthly and „Drób Mięso Wędliny – Praktyczny Poradnik Handlowca” („Poultry Meat Sausages – Practical Guide for Tradesmen”) bimonthly. The first one is a branch magazine for companies occupying with hygiene and pest control, and the second is a guide for tradesmen and producers of meat and poultry branch.

Publications of series „Biblioteka Producenta Żywności” („Food Producer’s Library”) are also issued.
„Food Quality Leaders” is a programme organized by us and directed to producers, tradesmen and organizations engaged in food safety. It is non-profit programme, which objectivity is under guardianship of Emblem Chapter, composed of prominent scientists and practitioners.

We invite You for cooperation

Tadeusz Wojciechowski,
President of Biuro Promocji Jakości - Quality Promotion Office

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